PRAYER: (said with daycare kids)

1. Kchi-niweskʷ (great spirit)

Wəliwəni nəbi (thank you water), wəliwəni wskitkamikʷ (thank you earth),

wəliwəni wəjawsən (thank you wind), wəliwəni skʷəde (thank you fire)

Məzitte nədalαgomak (all my relations)




“our language is not a thing, it’s not a life form, it doesn’t breath and therefore it cannot die. It is instead a verbal expression of our intergenerationally established thought patterns that represent for us today a viable epistemological knowledge system. But languages can be ceased to be spoken and when that happens it’s a reflection of community change. Revitalizing language therefore is also about community change.” –Daryl Baldwin



  “I don’t understand you”  “Say it again”  “speak slowly/ lower voice”

 2. ahtα gəwewtolo

4. mina idamən

6. menənədonke


3. made knustolo

5. apch idamon

  7. menagadawest






GIZI (past) DALI (present) GADI (future)

8. nəgizi-zəgi —  I peed

9. nədali-zəgi — I am peeing

 10.  nəgadi-zəgi — I’m going to pee

11. nəgizi-bigədi — I farted

12. nədali-bigədi — I am farting

13. nəgadi-bigədi — I’m going to fart

14. nəgizəjagohke — I pooped

 15. nədalijagohke — I am pooping

16. nəgadawəjagohke — I’m going to poop

17. gizəlαn — it rained

18. dalαn — it’s raining

19. gadawəlαn — it’s going to rain

20. gizi-psαn — it snowed

21. dali-psαn — it’s snowing

22. gadi-psαn — it’s going to snow

23. gizəlαmsən — it was windy

24. dalαmsən — it’s windy

25. gadawəlαmsən — it’s going to be windy

26. nəgizihpi I ate

27. nədalihpi  I am eating

28. nəgadi-nαjihpi I’m going (somewhere) to eat

29. nəgizəssəmi I already drank

30. nədaləssəmi  I am drinking

31. nəgadawəssəmi I am thirsty




Charles d' Aulnay designed and built Fort Pentagoet on a pennisula on the Eastern shore of Penobscot Bay. Known today as Castine.